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Mitigating Risk to Healthcare Data in Heightened Threat Environments

The digitization of healthcare has been a powerful tool in creating better, faster, and more complete care for patients. Today’s technology enables patients and providers to more easily view and share health records, eliminate duplicate tests, improve the overall care experience, and reduce time spent on administrative duties. However, as advantageous as digitization has been for patients and healthcare professionals, it also creates a greater risk of data and access-related breaches.

This is a particularly daunting challenge for the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, utilize a large and diverse number of third parties, from students to doctors and even IoT devices to support their goal of creating a market-leading patient experience routed in satisfaction, safety, and privacy. The number and variety of third parties utilized by healthcare organizations can be limitless and unfortunately, third parties are very risky. According to a Ponemon Institute study, more than half of all data breaches can be traced to third parties and only 16% of organizations say they are equipped to effectively mitigate third-party risks.

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Mitigating Risk to Healthcare Data in Heightened Threat Environments