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Identity Risk

What We Do

SecZetta provides third-party identity risk solutions that are easy to use, and purpose built to help organizations execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for non-employee populations.

How We Do It

With our solution, organizations are uniquely able to collect third-party, non-employee data in a collaborative and continuous manner, from both internal and external resources, throughout the lifecycle of the third party. This creates an authoritative source for third-party data that organizations can use to improve operational efficiency and accuracy in provisioning access, streamline compliance audits, assess risk, provide identity verification, and deprovision access at termination.

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Lifecycle Management

A no-code, purpose built, authoritative source of third-party data.

Internal/External Collaboration Hub

Easy-to-use portals for collaborative data collection from both internal & external resources.

Hybrid Identity / Risk Solution

A hybrid solution for identity & third-party risk management.

Identity Consolidation

Identity consolidation that creates and maintains a global user identifier.

Third-Party Identity Risk Explained

Industry Insights

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KuppingerCole Executive View SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk

Solution Product Overview – Strengths – Challenges The onset of digital transformation has driven a need for faster, cost-effective innovation and with it the increased utilization of third-party, non-employees. Consequently,

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Healthcare’s Unidentified Third-Party Risk

To be successful, healthcare organizations regularly utilize large and diverse numbers of third parties, from students to doctors and even bots, and IoT devices to support their goal of creating

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Third-Party Identity Risk, To Buy? Or to Build? That was the Question

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020 Efficiently and cost-effectively managing third-party, non-employee identities continues to be a struggle for most organizations. While some have tried unsuccessfully to solve the problem by

Why We Do It

Organizations increasingly rely on third party, non-employee populations to support core business operations and competitive strategies. However, most organizations have no way to centrally track and manage their non-employee relationships and the access to enterprise assets their roles require.

Supporting Facts


According to a 2018 Ponemon Institute supply chain study, only a third of organizations had a list of all third parties they are sharing sensitive information with.


The Verizon Insider Threat Report identifies third-parties as one of the top 5 insider threats.


According to a Opus Ponemon study, more than half of all data breaches can be traced to third parties and only 16% of organizations say they can effectively mitigate third-party risks.

With SecZetta, organizations have better transparency into the dynamic relationships they have with each individual third-party identity. We reduce risk, increase operational efficiency and cut costs.

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More so than ever before, organizations in almost every vertical industry are relying on growing and increasingly diverse numbers of third parties (contractors, vendors, partners, affiliates, volunteers, students, and freelancers) to provide the elasticity they need to quickly and cost-effectively expand and contract based on current operational needs.