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Identity Proofing Data Sheet

As enterprise organizations increasingly grant access to facilities, data, and systems to an ever-expanding number of third-party users, it becomes imperative for them to prove that these people are in fact who they claim to be.

While identity proofing is important for most organizations, it takes on even greater criticality in highly regulated industries like healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and financial services. Unfortunately, most organizations do not have well-defined business processes or solutions in place to manage an identity proofing program. In fact, even some of the most mature organizations are using highly manual processes that require dedicated employees to manually proof each individual identity. These processes are typically time-consuming, costly, unable to scale and are not tied into an authoritative source. This often leaves organizations in a precarious position of not proofing their desired identities and consequently not really knowing who they are granting access to.

Additionally, because these verification processes are not integrated with downstream IAM/IGA solutions, another set of manual processes are needed to operationalize the data that has been collected. With the introduction of identity proofing capabilities, SecZetta has made it possible to easily invoke large scale or individual identity verification during the onboarding process or at any time throughout the identity lifecycle. Identity proofing is available on demand or can be triggered by a lifecycle workflow event in SecZetta’s Third Party Identity Risk solution. With SecZetta’s identity proofing capabilities, organization scan easily and cost-effectively verify the identities of their users, supporting risk management initiatives and better protect critical assets.

Read more on Identity Proofing by downloading the data sheet below.