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Reduce the Chaos, Cost, and Risk of Providing Access to Fast Food Industry Third-Party Suppliers and Non-Employees

The fast food franchise business model has been proven successful since 1921. The concept is simple. The fast food franchisor provides their franchisee with proven management practices and streamlined processes, trademark licensing, and any products, services, or training they need to ensure brand continuity and financial success. Today, because most franchisors and franchisees utilize the same suppliers, franchisee employees are also typically granted digital access to the franchisor’s vendor and supply chain management systems. And while franchisee employees may require similar access as some franchisor employees to gain access, they are, in fact, still external non-employees.

Fast food franchisors also rely heavily on a vast network of third-party suppliers, vendors, contractors, and even non-humans to succeed. This reliance, combined with the franchisee employees, means franchisors must provision access to their systems and data to hundreds – sometimes even tens of thousands – external individuals.

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