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Achieving Zero Trust Vendor Lifecycle & Privileged Access Management

Hear CyberArk & SecZetta speak about how enforcing end-to-end lifecycle management alongside tightly controlled vendor privileged access supports a Zero Trust approach. The key takeaway from this discussion will be how Zero Trust can be achieved without interfering with day-to-day responsibilities and, in fact, while making the business even more efficient. The powerful team of SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk and CyberArk Vendor Privileged Access Manager make it possible.

In this webinar you will learn how integrating SecZetta and CyberArk can support:

  • Lifecycle of third party vendors via unique, collaborative workflows resulting in trusted, authoritative vendor data, relationships, and status
  • Policy checks, risk scoring, and approval processes enabling informed, risk-based decision-making for the management of third party vendor access
  • Remote, password-less, VPN-less privileged access for third party vendors while enforcing strict privileged access requirements including password vaulting and session management

Watch the webinar today.

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Achieving Zero Trust Vendor Lifecycle & Privileged Access Management