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Identity Proofing (ID Proofing)

As enterprise organizations increasingly grant access to facilities, data, and systems to an ever-expanding number of third-party users, it becomes imperative for them to prove that these people are in fact who they claim to be. An authoritative and easy to use Identity Proofing process is critical in highly regulated industries like healthcare, manufacturing, insurance, and financial services.   

Most organizations do not have well-defined business processes or solutions in place to manage an identity proofing program and if they do they are highly manual processes that require dedicated employees to manually proof each individual identity. These processes are typically time-consuming, costly, unable to scale and are not tied into an authoritative source.  

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Third-Party and Employee Identity Proofing Made Easy 

With Identity Proofing SecZetta has made it possible to easily invoke large scale or individual identity verification during the onboarding process or at any time throughout the identity lifecycle.  Identity proofing is available on demand or can be triggered by a lifecycle workflow event in SecZetta’s Third Party Identity Risk solutionWith SecZetta’s identity proofing capabilities, organizations can easily and cost-effectively verify the identities of their users, supporting risk management initiatives and better protect critical assets Identity Proofing makes it easy to verify the identity of any profile that is added in the system such for example; offshore third-party users requiring access to critical assets, employees on special projects, or as a standard operating procedure for new hires.  

How it Works

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Unique Features of Identity Proofing

  • Virtual ID Badge

    Once an identity is verified, a proofed ID badge is granted and attached to the identity. This process helps IGA, PAM, and other Access Management solutions to trust the identity.  

  • Multiple Verification Checks

    Identity Proofing can utilize government ID information, biometrics, barcodes, and Personal Identity Information (PII) to thoroughly validate a user’s identification.  Additionally, a “pass/fail” workflow can be initiated when certain criteria aren’t met, such as an unacceptable risk score, further steps can be required which can trigger other actions such as: adaptive authentication or video-based verification which can then decrease a user’s risk score.  

  • Individual or Large Populations

    Able to be invoked during the onboarding process for internal and external workforce populations at the individual or group level eliminating costly and time-consuming manual processes while allowing more identities to be proofed. 

  • On Demand Availability

    Identity Proofing can be invoked on demand at any time during a non-employee or employee lifecycle such as a risk score change, request for privileged access, a contractor becoming a full-time employee, and or whenever needed.  

  • Flexible Workflow Configuration

    Risk scores, actions, or passage of time can all be configured as triggers of a new proof of identity and for an admin to configure it’s as simple as a drag and drop.  Wherever the Proof of Identity occurs in the workflow, the user must pass before the workflow will continue.