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SecZetta's Third-Party Identity Risk solution is rooted in zero trust and works to help fortify organizations against third-party related cyber incidents while solving the numerous operational challenges surrounding third-party, non-employee identity and risk management. SecZetta uniquely delivers the solution organizations need to meet the primary zero trust objective of “never trust, always verify” prior to third-party access being granted.

The First Step to Zero Trust: Accurately Identify and Manage Who Has Access

Digital transformation has dramatically changed the security landscape from the perimeter defense standard that afforded access strictly to an organization’s employees to one in the cloud where security best practices must be incorporated far beyond the walls of an organization. Gone with the perimeter is also the notion that access is provided to employees alone. In fact, many organizations have such a substantial operational reliance on third parties that they actually have more “outsiders” who are provided with “insider” access than employees.

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Why Third-Party Identity Risks are Impeding Zero Trust Strategies

According to a recent report by Ponemon Institute, 51% of businesses have suffered a data breach caused by a third party. This could be an individual in the organization’s supply chain, an IT service provider, volunteer, consultant, partner, or even a non-human “thing” that has been granted access to the organization’s data and systems. Cost savings, on-demand access to sought after skillsets, and business efficiencies are just a few forces driving organizations to provide network, data, and facility access to a diverse population of third-party individuals and entities.  A Ponemon Institute study found that the average organization utilizes nearly 6000 third parties in various business functions. This increased volume has pushed manual identity practices, proprietary solutions, and customized IGA systems beyond their limits, rendering them inadequate to keep assets safe.

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Easy Preparation Steps for Adopting Zero Trust Webinar

Many federal agencies are trying to decipher the recent Executive Order (EO) and importantly determine how it applies to them and their zero trust journey. The sense of urgency around the timeline in the EO is further dramatized by recent headlines spotlighting breaches, ransomware attacks, and the real-life impact this has, not only on government and industry, but on the daily lives of people in the US

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Achieving Zero Trust Vendor Lifecycle & Privileged Access Management Webinar

Hear CyberArk & SecZetta speak about how enforcing end-to-end lifecycle management alongside tightly controlled vendor privileged access supports a zero trust approach. The key takeaway from this discussion will be how zero trust can be achieved without interfering with day-to-day responsibilities and, in fact, while making the business even more efficient.

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Zero Trust Strategy with SecZetta

Close the zero trust strategy gap with SecZetta. Our centralized, automated, and authoritative third-party identity lifecycle management solution is rooted in Zero Trust. We allow organizations to execute Zero Trust, risk-based identity access for all non-employees throughout their entire lifecycle

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Zero Trust Security Blind Spot

The First Step to Zero Trust

Download our eBook, THE FIRST STEP TO ZERO TRUST and learn how to accurately identify and manage who has access to your organization.

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