Non-Employee Cost Estimation Calculator

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Cost Estimation Calculator for Third-Party Lifecycle Management

This easy-to-use calculator will reveal your hidden costs in managing non-employees throughout their employment lifecycle   

This Cost Estimation Calculator will provide an estimate of the cost and labor that an organization expends to manage third-party identity lifecycles.  It will enable IAM, CISO, HR, Supply Chain directors, along with Identity and Access teams, to discover their costs whether they are using a HR system or a manual process. An estimation of the SecZetta cost to manage the same number of non-employees will also generated. Third-party identities can include vendors, contractors, affiliates, partners, students, interns, or any worker who is not a regular full-time employee. Different global currencies can be selected to generate the estimate.   

What is needed to get started

  • The Approximate Times for Onboarding, Maintenance Tasks, and Audits

    • The approximate number non-employees, and how many are offboarded each year 
    • The approximated times for identity gathering, credential reviewand account creation 
    • Approximate times for routine maintenance tasks such as change of employment (contractor to full time) or the time it takes for contract extensions to be created 
    • The number of audits that are performed each year 

  • Generating Estimates

    It’s easy!  The calculator has dropdowns for the typical onboarding, maintenance, audits, and offboarding tasks.  There are also two blank fields where you can add your own tasks. An estimation of the current HR or manual process costs will be generated along with a SecZetta cost estimation. A field will be available to add your quote if you have been given one. An estimation report will be generated, which will also show areas of cost concerns, and will be emailed to you to share among your team. Estimates are available in USD, EU, ZAR, and GBP currencies. 

  • Cost Assumptions and Variations

    The calculator does not factor in yearly fees or licenses for but will show you an estimate of the hidden time spent in managing non-employee lifecycles. The SecZetta estimation will not include implementation costs since those vary by use case.   

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