Third-Party Identity Maturity Assessment

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Assess the Maturity of Your Third-Party Non-Employee Identity Program

Organizations are providing system and data access to an increasingly greater number and diversity of third-party users. Many organizations, however, have not been able to replicate the maturity of their employee identity processes for their non-employee, third-party users. For most, the identity governance of third-party users is far more chaotic, less linear, and lacks transparency, which increases risks and the likelihood of an expensive breach.

Take this assessment to evaluate your organization’s level of maturity in managing third-party identity lifecycle & risk and instantly receive a custom maturity assessment. See sample report →


Companies That Have Experienced a Third-Party Breach(1)

$15 Million

The Average Cost to Organizations Resulting from a Cyber Crime(2)


Organizations That Attribute Their Data Breaches to Giving Too Much Privileged Access to Third Parties(3)

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