SecZetta Support Services Policy

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This SecZetta Support Services Policy (the “Support Policy”) encompasses all support obligations that SecZetta has towards you as SecZetta’s customer. All capitalized terms used but not defined herein shall have the meanings set forth in the Master Subscription Agreement.

1.“Business Day” and “Business Hours” means SecZetta’s standard hours of operation from 8am to 5pm US Eastern, Monday through Friday, excluding SecZetta company holidays.

Issue” means the failure of the SaaS to conform to its applicable specifications set forth in the Documentation.

Fix” means the repair or replacement of the SaaS component to remedy the Issue.

Workaround” means a set of procedures that Customer may follow to circumvent or mitigate the impact of an Issue.

Respond” means acknowledgement by SecZetta of the Issue received.

Support Services” means the maintenance and support services set forth in this Support Policy.

2. Support Services.

2.1 General. SecZetta will perform the Support Services set forth hereunder and will provide Customer with a Support Portal as further detailed below. SecZetta’s obligation to perform Support Services is subject to Customer providing: (a) a detailed problem description delivered promptly; (b) a method for repeatedly reproducing the problem; and (c) reasonable continuous access to a Customer Representative as necessary to perform Support Services hereunder.

2.2 Support Portal. SecZetta will provide Customer with access to a support portal (the “Support Portal”) which will provide for the following: (a) 24/7 access to submit tickets; (b) a communication platform for all support requests; and (c) a help center featuring articles and FAQs regarding the SecZetta products and support services.

3. Customer Responsibilities. Customer may appoint Customer representatives to receive the Support Services (the “Customer Representatives”). Customer Representatives will be responsible for: (a) gathering initial problem and/or failure information; (b) answering use questions; (c) performing problem isolation and identification; and (d) escalating unresolved problems to SecZetta for Support Services.

4. Exclusions. SecZetta shall have no obligation to support: (a) Issues caused by Customer’s negligence, abuse, misapplication, or other unpermitted actions or inactions; (b) use of the SaaS other than as specified in the Documentation; (c) Issues beyond the reasonable control of SecZetta; or (d) any software or application other than the SaaS. If a Customer request for Support Services reveals that the cause of the Issue is not due to a defect or malfunction in the SaaS and/or is the result of any of the foregoing exclusions, Customer shall pay SecZetta for its work on a time and materials basis, at an hourly rate not to exceed $250.00 per hour, plus reasonable expenses.

5. Response and Resolution Goals. SecZetta will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond to support inquiries as follows:

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