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SecZetta Launches Inaugural Third-Party Identity Risk Maturity Assessment

Assessment benchmarks current processes and provides insights to drive operational improvements risk mitigation  

Fall River, Mass. – SecZetta, the leading provider of third-party identity risk solutions, today announced the launch of its online maturity survey that will provide organizations with a baseline assessment of their third-party identity risk processes. Upon completion of the five-minute survey, participants will receive a custom maturity assessment offering insights into current capabilities and demonstrating where their organizations stand in their adoption of best practices for third-party identity and risk management.  Armed with this information, organizations will be better able to identify areas for improvement and reduce the risk of providing access to third parties. 

“Many organizations now provide system and data access to an increasing number and diversity of third-party users making it is more important than ever to ensure that best practices are automated, and the risks associated with these users appropriately mitigated,” says David Pignolet, CEO and founder, SecZetta. “As organizations map out their Zero Trust programs, a common bind spot is the access provided to third parties. This is particularly troubling as we are seeing a dramatic increase in the number of breaches attributed to third party access. The maturity survey is an excellent tool to help evaluate the strength of identity processes for  third-party users.” 

 According to a 2021 Ponemon Institute study, 65% of organizations have not identified the third parties with access to the most sensitive data of the organization increasing their vulnerability to insider attacks.  All organizations can benefit from the insights provided through an annual assessment of both nascent and established third-party identity risk management processes. 

The no-cost online self-assessment launches on September 7, 2021.