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SecZetta Customer Leader Series Webinar with AdventHealth “The HealthCare Variant – Harmonizing Third-Party Identity and Risk”

June 23, 2022 – Fall River, Mass. – Healthcare organizations of all types, including hospitals, utilize a large and diverse number of third parties, from students to doctors to affiliate partners to bots, each of which support the goal of creating a market-leading patient experience that’s rooted in satisfaction, safety, and privacy. Many healthcare organizations have found that managing these third parties and the associated access to facilities, systems, and patient data they require can be particularly challenging.

AdventHealth initially managed its third-party workforce identities using existing HR systems before migrating to a heavily customized “homegrown” system. Over time, as the organization grew and both the number and diversity of third-party populations increased, it became impractical to maintain this system which integrated with 10+ systems, so the decision was made to “buy” an external third-party risk management solution.  In this webinar, Chrissy Booth, Manager Access Management, Identity and Access Management, AdventHealth, will share insights into the evolution of its third-party identity management processes from start to present, including the unique challenges arising from the impact of the global pandemic, along with future plans and best practices learned from their journey.

WHAT: Webinar: The HealthCare Variant – Harmonizing Third-Party Identity and Risk  
WHEN: Thursday, July 14, 2022, at 11:00 am EST
WHERE: Register here to join the webinar:


About the SecZetta Customer Leader Program

The Customer Leader Program was launched by SecZetta in collaboration with innovators in its customer community to create a platform that offers expert insight and best practices around third-party identity risk.