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Third-Party Identity Risk, To Buy? Or to Build? That was the Question

Date: Thursday, July 23, 2020

Efficiently and cost-effectively managing third-party, non-employee identities continues to be a struggle for most organizations. While some have tried unsuccessfully to solve the problem by customizing their existing HR or IAM systems, others have experimented with building their own proprietary systems.

What You’ll Learn in this Webinar

Attend this exclusive SecZetta Customer Leader Series Webinar to learn third-party identity risk best practices and insight gained by Cargill, a $115 billion company with 160,000 employees across 70 countries, after Oracle announced the End of Service Life for their Sun Identity Manager product.

While Cargill was able to easily make the decision to move employees to its HR system, they struggled with what to do with non-employee identities.  In this webinar, Cargill will share insight and best practices learned from their journey that began with managing non-employee identities in Sun Identity Manager, through defining and executing their “build” strategy, to ultimately pivoting to a “buy” decision.

About the SecZetta Customer Leader Program

The Customer Leader Program was launched by SecZetta in collaboration with innovators in its customer community to create a platform that offers expert insight and best practices around third-party identity risk.

Download just the Q&A from the webinar by clicking here.

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Third-Party Identity Risk, To Buy? Or to Build? That was the Question