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SecZetta and Human Resource Management Systems: Better Together!

Most organizations try to customize their existing Human Resource  Management System (HRMS) to facilitate the onboarding, lifecycle, and offboarding of third parties (non-employees) but they are just not designed for non-employees and the risk that they represent or even completely legal in some countries. Ad-hoc and segmented workflows between non-employees, vendors, and internal sponsors, HR, IT, Compliance Officers, and IAM Managers have proven to be ineffective, and very costly.

SecZetta is a user-friendly SaaS application that can integrate with HRMS platforms (along with IAM and IGAs) to manage the complete lifecycle of non-employees without the need for additional HR staff and with a minimum of effort while providing visibility over a global workforce.

SecZetta enables HR, IT, procurement, and other teams to: ​

  • Easily collaborate with other internal and external BUs, sponsors, and non-employees to onboard, manage the lifecycle, and offboard non-employees​
  • Assign risk attributes to individual non-employees and vendors​
  • Own and manage the process without increasing overhead​
  • Improve business efficiency and have global visibility over entire workforce​
  • Helps managers see what their total workforce is for budget purposes​

Download the comparison graph below to learn how SecZetta covers the gaps that HRMS systems can’t.