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SecZetta and Ping Identity: Non-Employee Identity Risk and Lifecycle Management with Seamless Access Control


With SecZetta as your authoritative source, Ping Identity can manage access for your non-employees as effortlessly as your internal workforce.

Through the combination of SecZetta and Ping Identity, you can operationalize non-employee risk, streamline lifecycle management and provide seamless access control. The joint solution offers the convenience of collaborative non-employee onboarding and lifecycle management with the necessary control of risk-based access management.

Ping Identity and SecZetta enable any type of non-employee to quickly gain the appropriate level of access when they are onboarded. SecZetta acts as the authoritative source for non-employee identities(e.g. contractors, contingent workers, partners, suppliers, visitors, students, alumni, SOW workers, bots, service accounts, etc.)and allows for collaborative management of their lifecycle. This information is fed via API to the Ping Identity platform for account provisioning, federation, and access to all the resources they need to keep you moving at the speed of business.

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