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NERC CIP Compliance

Simplify NERC CIP Compliance with a Predictable and Easy Non-Employee Lifecycle Management Solution that Increases Security, Collaboration, and Compliance


The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) is the regulatory authority focused on maintaining a reliable and secure electric grid that currently serves over 400 million people. Modern power grids have become heavily computerized, making them more resilient against weather-related disruptions but also more vulnerable to cyberattacks. Modernization has widened the attack surface, and with more bad actors actively attempting to infiltrate critical infrastructure, the NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) Advisory Group has introduced new standards specific to cybersecurity.

With a reported 51% of organizations experiencing a breach caused by a third-party (contractors, suppliers, partners, contingent workers, etc.), many utilities are increasing their primary focus on cybersecurity and the need to improve their third-party lifecycle management processes to both mitigate risk and remain NERC CIP compliant. Read more about the most common third-party NERC CIP compliance challenges and how SecZetta’s solution is helping utilities tackle them directly to achieve reduced risk and meet compliance mandates.