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KuppingerCole Executive View SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk

Solution Product Overview – Strengths – Challenges

The onset of digital transformation has driven a need for faster, cost-effective innovation and with it the increased utilization of third-party, non-employees. Consequently, organizations have provided greater levels of access to data, systems, and facilities to a large and diverse group of third parties including contractors, vendors but also partners, affiliates, volunteers, and even service accounts and bots.

Sample from Executive View:

“Managing third party identities has become an important issue for companies when they open their infrastructures to non-employees from partners and vendors. The influx of third-party identities puts an extra strain on existing IAM tools but management solutions that provide added functionality for nonemployee identities are now available. SecZetta has streamlined existing solutions to create its new Third Party Identity Risk Solution.”

Download and read the latest Executive View report from KuppingerCole analyst, Paul Fisher, for a product overview including strengths and challenges for SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk Solution.

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KuppingerCole Executive View SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk
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