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Identity Consolidation Solution

A Centralized Repository for Employee and Non-Employee Identities

A Question of Identity

Organizations need to consolidate all their employee and non-employee identities and their risk
lifecycles into a single source, but this has been proven to be next to impossible without countless hours
of manual labor or outdated systems. An employee and non-employee relationship, or affiliation, with
an organization can fluctuate and a person can have multiple affiliations and relationships at the same
time. As those relationships change, new identities may be created, and each new identity comes with
specific permissions and access to data sources that are needed to fulfil that role.
This can leave an organization relying on inaccurate and conflicting data that may be out-of-date or
even worse multiple active identities which could leave an organization out of compliance and
vulnerable to security breaches.

The issue organizations encounter is how to manage this data and provide the most current profile
information without expending large amounts time and resources to identify and manage duplicate
identities throughout the organization.

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