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HR Information Systems Are Incapable of Supporting Third-Party Identity & Security Programs

The use of large numbers of third parties as part of regular business operations has put a strain on onboarding processes and increased cybersecurity risk exposure for many organizations. Appropriate onboarding for third-party users is critical because it is during this process that important contextual data needed to support zero trust strategies is collected and used to make initial access decisions.

Organizations have tried a variety of approaches from manual efforts to human resource information systems (HRIS) to solve this problem, but these approaches fail to meet the long-term needs of downstream identity programs.

In many instances, pressure is being placed on identity teams to use HRIS solutions because it is an existing technology that, at the surface, appears to solve the business problem. However, HRIS solutions include high per record costs and are fundamentally designed to meet different needs like managing payroll, benefits, performance, and linear reporting structures for full-time employees.

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