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The Crisis in Identity Lifecycle Management

Today, third-party employees — contractors and vendors — make up a significant portion of our workforce. The problem is that most businesses don’t have an effective solution or a designated department responsible for managing this non-employee, third-party population.

With so many companies increasing their reliance on third-parties to meet business needs — along with the advancing sophistication of cyber-crime and the continuing trend towards cloud computing and distributed applications — corporations need to take a serious look at how they manage identities and access for employees and non-employees alike.

In this ebook you will learn:

  • What the identity crisis is and what caused it.
  • The real difference between identity and access.
  • The major challenges employers face when trying to manage non-employee identities.
  • Why no one is taking ownership of the third party problem in identity lifecycle management.
  • Solutions for solving the identity crisis at your corporation
The Crisis in Identity Lifecycle Management
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