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Regatta Solutions Group Partners with SecZetta

End goal is to help companies address non-employee identity risk & lifecycle management.


SecZetta, the leading provider of third party identity risk and lifecycle management solutions, today announced that Regatta Solutions Group has signed on to be a solutions partner and reseller adding NE Profile and NE Access to existing Intelligent Identity Solutions. The collaboration provides customers deploying strategic IAM programs, a way to enable business users to directly manage non-employee identities. SecZetta products extend IGA programs to include an authoritative source for managing third party identity risk and identity lifecycle and Partner Enablement.

The combination of technology and services will provide enterprises with the automated access and governance controls needed to mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce compliance policies, while managing the demands of today’s extended workforce.

“The collaboration between SecZetta and Regatta Solutions Group creates best-in-class identity governance and access management offering that enables enterprises’ digital transformation, providing the convenience of third party, non-employee identity risk and lifecycle management with the needed control of identity governance,” said Jason Hobart, SVP, SecZetta. “Regatta Solutions Group is a leader in identity management services, and we’re excited to be working together.”

“Enterprises today face increasing challenges in addressing their identity management requirements in a thorough fashion,” said David Graham, SVP of Business Development & Sales at Regatta Solutions Group. “SecZetta’s technology is a key component in building a successful identity management infrastructure and we’re delighted to partner with them to add to our comprehensive identity lifecycle and access management solutions.”

The SecZetta Partner Program, brings together SecZetta and third-party independent hardware, software and technology vendors to deliver integrated solutions to customers. With SecZetta a technology partner and Regatta Solutions Group as a leading implementation provider for SailPoint Identity+ Alliance, this partnership will provide customers with cutting-edge identity management software and services.

To learn more about SecZetta, please click here. For more information about Regatta Solutions Group, please visit Regatta Solutions.

About SecZetta

SecZetta leading provider of third party identity risk and lifecycle management software solutions. SecZettas’ solutions are utilized by companies around the globe to manage third party identity risk: create, control and respond to third party identity requirements and processes, meet compliance and minimize data breaches. SecZetta products extend IGA programs to include identity life cycle capabilities: NE Profile, which manages identity risk and lifecycle processes for non-employees; NE Access, enables collaboration with partners and vendors; and ID Proxy, which merges identity data from multiple sources to maintain master identities in a single authoritative source.

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