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Unmeasured Supply Chain Risk

Every large-scale manufacturing organization has at least one system or in the majority of situations, a variety of systems in place to manage their supply chain.  But these systems typically focus only on vendor-level data. This limitation is becoming more problematic as manufacturers are now providing growing numbers of third-party, non-employees with a wide range of access types from physical access to facilities to privileged access to data and systems.

This scenario, added to the rapid digitalization that has been the hallmark of Industry 4.0, creates a perfect storm for increased exposure to insider threats. Unfortunately, while organizations eagerly adopt increasingly digital systems in search of efficiency and productivity gains, they often pursue these objectives without the appropriate level of focus on the associated risks.  Given the nature of the products being manufactured, third-party access could result in increased risks from IP loss including trade secrets, to sensitive customer data exposure, and even safety hazards.

While many manufacturers have tried to solve the problem through their procurement groups or even by utilizing their HR systems, these methods are often time-consuming, costly, and aren’t successful. What organizations need is a purpose-built solution for authoritative third-party, non-employee data that can not only automate key identity lifecycle processes for onboarding and offboarding including verification that the person is who they say they are but also easily collaborate between internal and external business units.


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Our Third-Party Identity Risk Solution enables your organization to automate processes for all of your third-party non-employees and establish zero trust, risk-based identity access throughout their entire lifecycle.

Securing the Supply Chain from Identity Risk

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SecZetta Can Help

Our solutions provide a comprehensive set of capabilities that help manufacturing organizations improve the operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of managing third party identities.

To eliminate insider threats from third-parties in your supply chain, follow these steps:

  1. Know Your Insiders According to a 2018 Ponemon Institute supply chain study, most organizations don’t know their exact number of third-party users and only a third of organizations had a list of all third parties with whom they share sensitive information.
  2. Audit Those With Access Organizations should conduct regular comprehensive user audits to ensure that users have access based on the least privilege, meaning the appropriate privileges for the appropriate resources at that specific point in time. It is also important to search for and remove orphaned accounts.
  3. Conduct Risk Ratings and Adjust Privileges Appropriately While you may have carefully vetted a trucking organization, each employee of the trucking organization comes with his or her own set of personal risks and should not automatically be granted access.  Risk rating should be a continuous process as risk factors, individual characteristics, and access needs evolve. Then, provision access in a timely manner according to these risk factors.

While these steps for creating a more secure environment for third-party access may sound daunting, SecZetta offers a purpose-built system able to automate each of these processes. Without proper identity access and management procedures for third-party users in place, entire supply chains are vulnerable to attacks. By implementing this proactive method, organizations can ensure well-informed, risk-based access decisions, and overall efficiency, ultimately reducing the cost of onboarding and offboarding third-party users.


Key Benefits

  • Cut Costs

    •  Automate time-consuming and costly manual processes with customizable workflows
    • Speed time to value for new non-employees with accurate and efficient provisioning
    • Cut the high cost of maintaining non-employee data in HR and contingent labor systems
    • Reduce the risk and costs associated with misclassification of employees and co-employment violations
    • Stop supporting costly proprietary systems that struggle to meet evolving requirements

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    • Timely, accurate, and actionable information from a centralized, authoritative source for non-employee data
    • Collaboration hubs enable internal & external resources to input information needed for third parties
    • “No-code” design allows users to customize portals and workflows without technical resource support
    • Workflows accelerate onboarding, simplify audits, and enable timely deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for: HRIS, IGA, IAM, vendor, and risk management systems

  • Reduce Risk

    • Risk ratings can be assessed for individual third-party identities
    • Automated workflows can be created to support identity re-validation audits
    • Transparency into third-party relationships results in less over-provisioning and timelier deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for identity proofing, licensing validation, and credentialing systems
    • An authoritative source for third parties helps avoid misclassification or co-employment
    • Audits can be streamlined, reducing manual processes

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