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Third-Party Identity Risk Solution

The Problem

Organizations in almost every industry are relying on growing and increasingly diverse numbers of third parties (contractors, vendors, partners, affiliates, volunteers, students, and freelancers) to quickly and cost-effectively meet operational needs. Interestingly, these resources are not limited to humans, and may also include a bots, service accounts, and IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Unfortunately, most organizations have no way to centrally track and manage the relationships with their non-employees and therefore struggle with granting appropriate access to enterprise assets. SecZetta enables organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for vendors, partners, contractors, freelancers, bots, service accounts, and other non-employee populations.

"59% of all data breaches can be traced to third parties" Opus Ponemon

Our Solution

SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk solution provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that help organizations improve the operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of managing third party identities. Because third parties are widely acknowledged by security professionals as high risk, special consideration is taken at the individual identity level when providing them with insider access to facilities, systems, and data. With SecZetta, organizations have better transparency into the dynamic relationships they have with each individual third-party identity and are thus able to make well-informed, risk-based decisions about provisioning, verifying, and deprovisioning access.

The SecZetta Third Party Identity Risk solution is purpose-built to uniquely manage the dynamic relationships organizations have with non-employees in a single, easy-to-use application that helps:

  1. Facilitate commercial initiatives by improving IAM business processes
  2. Support regulatory compliance and other audits
  3. Reduce third-party risk

Read our latest white paper on Identity Gap in Third Party Risk Management

Download our latest white paper to read more on : Breach risks, Emerging compliance risks, Traits of successful third-party management, and Signs that an organization’s approach to third-party identity management is failing

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How it Works

  • Initiate & Request
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    Initiate & Request

  • Gather & Define
    Step 2

    Gather & Define

  • Verify & Approve
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    Verify & Approve

  • Process & Create
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    Process & Create

Unique Features & Benefits

  • Third-Party Identity Lifecycle Management

    • Central repository for all third-party, non-employee data 
    • Purpose-built to manage human and non-human third-party users 
    • Easily integrates with IGA, IAM, and other identity verification providers 
    • Pre-set access termination time
    • One step offboarding for all identities associated with a single, third-party organization
    • Robust reporting to provide visibility of your highest risk identities (non-employees) 

  • Identity Risk Modeling

    • Risk ratefor eachindividual third-partyidentity 
    • Inherit risk from employer third-party risk assessment
    • Proprietary risk scoring methodology 
    • Set thresholds to trigger conditional approvals 
    • Integrate with existing vendor risk solutions for holistic view of exposure 
    • Automateworkflows to support identity re-validation audits 

  • Identity Proofing

    • Virtual ID Badge
    • Multiple Verification Checks
    • Individual or Large Populations
    • On Demand Availability
    • Flexible Workflow Configuration