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Identity Consolidation Solution

Too Many Identity Sources = No Master Identity

In today’s workplace, organizations rely on large and diverse populations of both employees and non-employees or third parties.  With the proliferation of systems that create identities, both inside and outside of the organization, many IT teams struggle to create a single source of truth, or master identity.  This can leave an organization relying on inaccurate and conflicting data that may be out-of-date or even worse multiple active identities which could leave an organization out of compliance and vulnerable to security breaches.

On Demand Demo: Identity Consolidation Simplified

SecZetta's Identity Consolidation Solution

Identity Consolidation enables organizations to simplify their Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) efforts by merging and organizing people data from many different sources such as disparate HR systems or other authoritative repositories, establishing and maintaining master identities in a centralized repository.

Using a proprietary algorithm and scoring system, SecZetta’s Identity Consolidation can be easily configured to prioritize the information from various sources of data to ensure employee and non-employees are maintained in one, up-to-date, identity for the entire relationship with the organization, regardless of their changing roles. Maintaining a single source of truth for identities greatly reduces the potential for errors with onboarding and offboarding users, and their access to your systems, after an employee or non-employee user’s relationship with the organization has ended.

Why An Identity Master Repository is Crucial to An Organization's Security

Read about the complexities organizations encounter as they manage and merge digital identities from disparate sources, or after a merger and acquisition, to create a Master Identity Repository which can be feed into downstream systems.

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Gartner Market Guide on Identity Governance and Administration

We are proud to announce that SecZetta was included as a Vendor in the 2020 Gartner Market Guide for Identity Governance and Administration. We believe this is a powerful step forward in our work toward building a strong Third-Party Identity Risk Solution and Identity Consolidation Solution.

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Unique Features and Benefits

  • Master Identity Management

    Identity Consolidation allows the organization to understand who is out there and what their status is, in order to make informed decisions about their global workforce of employees and non-employees. The result is a master identity where an organization can manage all aspects of a user’s relationship, and their entire lifecycle with the organization to lesson risk and stay within compliance regulations.

  • Identity Matching Scoring System

    Identity Consolidation also enables organizations to define what criteria are most important to them and create a sliding scoring system to ensure that the most important data/records are given priority in the master record. These priorities can be set up per attribute and with a specific time frame. The result is the most current single user profile for that person, regardless of their relationship to the organization.

  • Manual Verification Review

    Identity Consolidation features a Holding Tank which is a repository for uncertain matches where they can be manually reviewed. This allows the user to easily make human fact-based decisions.

  • Flexible Integration

    Easily integrate and map with leading HRIS, IGA, IAM, identity proofing systems, databases, or flat file integration to collect and merge data from any number of sources into a single system of record.

How it Works

  • Identity Directory Sprawl
    Step 1

    Identity Directory Sprawl

  • Consolidated Identity Directory
    Step 2

    Consolidated Identity Directory

  • Global Identity Visibility & Management
    Step 3

    Global Identity Visibility & Management