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The Non-Employee is The New "Norm" in HR

The digitalization of the workforce and the rise of the gig economy has dramatically changed the structure of many organizations, which in turn has posed new challenges for HR teams. In addition to traditional full-time employees (FTEs), many HR teams and their peers in IT and cybersecurity are now faced with growing numbers of contractors, vendors, partners, affiliates, and freelancers – commonly grouped together as “non-employees.” While there are many benefits compelling organizations to utilize non-employees, this population of outsiders creates a new set of business challenges, including hidden costs and unmeasured risk.

For many organizations, the crux of the problem arises from not having sufficient resources and systems in place responsible for the timely and effective collection, processing, and operationalization of non-employee information. This exercise is particularly difficult to perform for non-employees because, unlike FTEs, non-employee data must be collected in a collaborative fashion oftentimes from disparate sources inside and outside of the organization.

How ever, the HRIS solutions used to perform this exercise for FTEs are not designed for the non-linear processes which are characteristic of non-employees. Other compelling disadvantages of using HRIS for non-employees include the high “hidden cost” which HR ends up paying and the risk of misclassification of employment liability. As a result, organizations lack an authoritative source of non-employee data that can be used to make well-informed business decisions and ultimately mitigate the risk associated with this utilizing these resources.

Making Third-Party Identity Risk Management Easy with SecZetta

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SecZetta Can Help

SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk solution helps create an authoritative source of non-employee data that enables an organization to better understand its relationship with each individual non-employee. Ultimately, more comprehensive knowledge of non-employees can help optimize their contribution to the overall success of the organization. From a business process enablement and risk mitigation perspective, this knowledge is essential in making decisions to grant and remove access to an organization’s systems in a timely and accurate manner.

SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk solution can help organizations reduce the cost, time to value,  and risk of using non-employees:

  • Operates using similar workflow configurations as HR systems so no special training is required 
  • Transforms manual steps into automated workflows, reducing significant labor costs 
  • The ability to delegate administration 
  • Speeds time to value for new non-employees with accurate and efficient provisioning 
  • Creates a single source of authoritative people data  
  • Integrates with VMS, IAM, and IGA systems 
  • Provides a risk rating for the individual, non-employee 

Key Benefits

  • Cut Costs

    •  Automate time-consuming and costly manual processes with customizable workflows
    • Speed time to value for new non-employees with accurate and efficient provisioning
    • Cut the high cost of maintaining non-employee data in HR and contingent labor systems
    • Reduce the risk and costs associated with misclassification of employees and co-employment violations
    • Stop supporting costly proprietary systems that struggle to meet evolving requirements

  • Improve Operational Efficiency

    • Timely, accurate, and actionable information from a centralized, authoritative source for non-employee data
    • Collaboration hubs enable internal & external resources to input information needed for third parties
    • “No-code” design allows users to customize portals and workflows without technical resource support
    • Workflows accelerate onboarding, simplify audits, and enable timely deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for: HRIS, IGA, IAM, vendor, and risk management systems

  • Reduce Risk

    • Risk ratings can be assessed for individual third-party identities
    • Automated workflows can be created to support identity re-validation audits
    • Transparency into third-party relationships results in less over-provisioning and timelier deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for identity proofing, licensing validation, and credentialing systems
    • An authoritative source for third parties helps avoid misclassification or co-employment
    • Audits can be streamlined, reducing manual processes

Operational Benefits with SecZetta

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