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How To Protect Your Businesses During the Threat of Cyberattacks

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine elevated cybersecurity to high priority status for many organizations as warnings of attacks on critical infrastructure spiked. One could say the silver lining of these attacks is that businesses are now taking stock of their cyber defenses; however, many are still operating as if they aren’t at risk – as if the next breach or exploit will certainly not impact their business. This rhetoric is not only incorrect, but dangerous, as it promotes a false sense of security.

The truth is, exploits and attacks, especially through third-party risk-related pathways, are happening every single day at a staggering rate, and are expected to grow exponentially. In 04 of 2021, for example, weekly cyberattacks per organization reached an all-time high, counting over 900 attacks per organization. It’s easy to ascribe a kind of mythical status to the digital world simply because it’s digital, but that way of thinking leaves room for vulnerabilities. Instead, it’s important to take time to understand the technology being used to manipulate, threaten, and potentially cause harm to businesses and individuals, alike – especially on the global stage where everything is connected. The old saying, “prepare for the worst and hope for the best” has never been more true, and it’s time for organizations to adopt that mantra, acknowledge their vulnerabilities and minimize their attack surface.

Being vigilant during a time of heightened threats of cyberattacks means being prepared. Companies cannot move fast enough to understand their vulnerabilities and put controls in place before a cyber­ attack happens. There’s no better time than now to adequately invest in cybersecurity infrastructure.

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Cyber Defense Magazine How to Protect Your Businesses During Threat of Cyberattacks