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The Digitalization of Patient Care

The digitization of healthcare has been a powerful tool in creating better, faster, and more complete care for patients. Today’s technology enables patients and providers to more easily view and share health records, eliminate duplicate tests, improve the overall care experience, and reduce time spent on administrative duties. However, as advantageous as digitization has been for patients and healthcare professionals, it also creates a greater risk of data and access-related breaches.

This is a particularly daunting challenge for the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations, including hospitals, utilize a large and diverse number of third parties, from students to doctors and even bots to support their goal of creating a market-leading patient experience routed in satisfaction, safety, and privacy. The number and variety of third parties utilized by healthcare organizations can be limitless and unfortunately, third parties are very risky.

In many cases, healthcare organizations don’t have purpose-built systems in place to centrally track and manage their relationships with this growing number of third parties and the access to facilities, systems, and patient data they require. As a result, many users are provided with more access than needed for their roles and access is frequently not terminated in a timely manner. Both of which can unwittingly expose sensitive health information and also create additional access points for hackers.

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SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk Management Solution provides a comprehensive set of capabilities that help healthcare organizations improve operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of managing third-party identities, including your affiliate partners, contractors, volunteers, and residents through automation, collaboration, and consolidation.

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SecZetta for Healthcare Organizations

SecZetta Can Help

Our solutions provide a comprehensive set of capabilities that help healthcare organizations improve the operational efficiency and reduce the cost and risk of managing third-party identities.  This is particularly relevant to healthcare organizations given their heavy reliance on third-parties, the rapid role progressions (from student, to resident, to surgeon) that are commonplace, and the highly-regulated nature of the industry.

By closely managing the relationship that the organization has with each third-party identity in a purpose-built solution, healthcare organizations can automate onboarding processes including credentialing ensuring that people are who they say they are, mitigate the risk of employment misclassification, and overall make well-informed, risk-based decisions about provisioning, verifying, and deprovisioning access.

Key Benefits

  • Reduce Risk

    • Risk ratings can be assessed for individual third-party identities
    • Automated workflows can be created to support identity re-validation audits
    • Transparency into third-party relationships results in less over-provisioning and timelier deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for identity proofing, licensing validation, and credentialing systems
    • An authoritative source for third parties helps avoid misclassification or co-employment
    • Audits can be streamlined, reducing manual processes

  • Increase Operational Efficiency

    • Timely, accurate, and actionable information from a centralized, authoritative source for non-employee data
    • Collaboration hubs enable internal & external resources to input information needed for third parties
    • “No-code” design allows users to customize portals and workflows without technical resource support
    • Workflows accelerate onboarding, simplify audits, and enable timely deprovisioning
    • Standardized APIs ease integrations for: HRIS, IGA, IAM, vendor, and risk management systems

  • Cut Costs

    •  Automate time-consuming and costly manual processes with customizable workflows
    • Speed time to value for new non-employees with accurate and efficient provisioning
    • Cut the high cost of maintaining non-employee data in HR and contingent labor systems
    • Reduce the risk and costs associated with misclassification of employees and co-employment violations
    • Stop supporting costly proprietary systems that struggle to meet evolving requirements

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