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Taking the Risk Out of Third-Party, Non-Employee Users

CISOs and CIOs have a tough job. With technology solutions embedded in nearly all business processes and third-party users, non-employee outsiders who are given insider access to systems, data, and facilities, sometimes outnumbering full-time employees, securing the enterprise has never been a more daunting task.

Inadequately managing the lifecycle and risk of third-party identities can expose the organization to significant and potentially highly consequential risks like in the following scenarios:

  • A “do not rehire” former employee is provided access as an unrecognized third-party user
  • Third-party user access is over-provisioned due to onboarding pressures
  • Identities for third parties are not audited or revalidated
  • Third-party user relationships are terminated but their access is not
  • A third-party partner or supplier is hacked, but their employees retain access
  • Third-party users stored in HRIS create misclassification of employee liability
  • Unmeasured third-party risk creates compliance violations


"Third-parties as one of the top 5 insider threats." Verizon Threat Report

Making Third-Party Identity Risk Management Easy with SecZetta



The Risk Management Blind Spot White Paper

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SecZetta Can Help

SecZetta’s Third-Party Identity Risk solution is a ‘no code” solution that was purpose-built to enable organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for vendors, partners, contractors, freelancers, bots, service accounts, and other non-employee populations.

Most importantly, SecZetta enables the CISO and their team to facilitate the utilization of third-party, non-employees by improving the operational efficiencies around key IAM business processes like onboarding, auditing, and offboarding, while at the same time supporting regulatory compliance, and ultimately reducing third-party risk.

With SecZetta, organizations will be able to make well-informed, risk-based decisions about provisioning, verifying, and deprovisioning access which customizations to HRIS, and IAM solutions can’t provide. 

  • Provides a risk rating for each both human, and non-human, non-employees 
  • Allows organizations to have a single repository of identity consolidation  
  • Streamline audits and reduces the risk of misclassification or co-employment 
  • Automated workflows replace time-consuming, and unverified decisions, manual processes 
  • Onboarding is accelerated, risk decreased, and a transparent authoritative view of all entries is created 
  • Easily integrates with risk management, IGA, IAM, and proprietary solutions


How We Do It

  • Identity Risk Modeling

    • Risk ratefor eachindividual third-partyidentity 
    • Inherit risk from employer third-party risk assessment
    • Proprietary risk scoring methodology 
    • Set thresholds to trigger conditional approvals 
    • Integrate with existing vendor risk solutions for holistic view of exposure 
    • Automateworkflows to support identity re-validation audits  

  • Third-Party Identity Lifecycle Management

    • Central repository for all third-party, non-employee data 
    • Purpose-built to manage human and non-human third-party users 
    • Easily integrates with IGA, IAM, and other identity verification providers 
    • Pre-set access termination time
    • One step offboarding for all identities associated with a single, third-party organization
    • Robust reporting to provide visibility of your highest risk identities (non-employees) 

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