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From managing third-party identity risk to establishing a master identity system of record, we ensure that organizations have the data they need to make well-informed, risk-based, access decisions.

SecZetta provides third-party identity and master identity management solutions that are easy to use, and purpose built to help organizations execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for employee and non-employee populations. With SecZetta, organizations can improve the time and the cost of making well-informed access decisions while reducing risk.

We are also a proud member of The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), a group of identity and security vendors, solution providers and practitioners that acts as an independent source of education and information on identity centric security strategies.

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What Our Clients Say

SecZetta was able to give us what we needed - an out-of-the-box non-employee identity management solution that could be implemented in a short timeframe.

IT Program Director

Our Core Values

Persistent – We choose our actions and own our outcomes. Other people say “we can’t” we say “How can we?” We never give up

Innovative – We are dreamers and disruptors. Through innovation, we will revolutionize the identity industry

Inclusive – We are a team that welcomes and values all voices and believes that diversity strengthens us

Integrity – We always speak truthfully and honor our commitments

Meet Our Leadership Team

David Pignolet
David Pignolet President & CEO

As President and CEO, David brings his nearly two decades of experience in application, network, and data security to drive the success of SecZetta as the industry leader in third-party identity risk and lifecycle management solutions. He founded the company in 2006, assembling a highly experienced team and securing strategic partnerships to address a growing need for better IT security and identity and access management in the market.

As a successful entrepreneur, David has founded two IT management and security companies working with medium and large enterprises in healthcare, finance, and retail.

David attended Northeastern University where he studied public affairs and marketing. He is a former member of the Air Force National Guard, where he specialized in combat communications focusing on encrypted secure communications.

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Phil Allen
Phil Allen Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Phil is responsible for building the new revenue organization and leading the company’s customer acquisition strategy.

An industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in Identity Management, Phil joined SecZetta in 2022 with deep expertise in helping organizations gain the maximum value out of their Identity Management programs. Prior to joining SecZetta, he served as Vice President and General Manager, EMEA at Ping Identity where he supported many of the world’s largest enterprises with their strategic initiatives such as Open Banking, Identity post-GDPR, acceleration of Cloud adoption, and their Zero Trust strategies.

Phil holds a BSc in Biology from the University of Southampton.

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Jim Bandanza
Jim Bandanza Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer at SecZetta, Jim is responsible for setting the direction for the company’s strategic growth initiatives and meeting evolving market needs.

Jim joined SecZetta in 2022 with more than 25 years of experience leading go-to-market functions for organizations in the cybersecurity industry. Jim currently serves on the boards for Inky, Digital Shadows and has held leadership roles at leading global security and technology companies including Capsule8, Egenera, and RSA.

Jim holds a B.A. in Business Administration and Management from Northeastern University.

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Matt Domsch
Matt Domsch Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Matt is responsible for heading SecZetta’s research and development as well as guiding its technological requirements.

Before joining SecZetta in 2021, Matt held senior leadership positions with SailPoint Technologies, Quest Software, and Dell, where he helped drive Dell’s global leadership position in the server market. Matt is a visionary engineering leader with a distinguished career spanning more than 25 years, including extensive experience in identity.

Matt holds a B.S. in Computer Science from MIT and an M.S. in Computer Science from Vanderbilt University. He holds 14 software patents reflecting his deep engineering expertise and technological innovation.

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Jason Hobart
Jason Hobart SVP, Strategic Accounts

As SVP, Strategic Accounts, Jason leads the company’s customer retention strategies. Having worked with a wide range of organizations from startups to large enterprises, Jason brings nearly two decades of experience in developing and enhancing brands and driving revenue growth for private and publicly traded companies.

Prior to joining SecZetta in 2016, Jason served in senior executive roles in the enterprise software, research, and high-tech markets, including the successful acquisition by Microsoft of a company he co-founded.

Jason holds a B.S. in Business Administration, Management and Operations from the University of New Hampshire.

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Michael Needel
Michael Needel Chief Financial Officer

As Chief Financial Officer at SecZetta, Michael manages the company’s financial and operational activities.

Michael joined SecZetta in 2021 with more than a decade of financial operations experience with enterprise software and services companies. Prior to joining SecZetta, Michael was vice president at ClearSky, where he invested in leading cybersecurity companies. He has also held positions at Microsoft (Corporate Development), Columbia Capital, and Barclays Capital.

Michael holds a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Colgate University and an M.B.A. from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.


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David Thomson
David Thomson Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Delivery
As Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Delivery at SecZetta, Dave is responsible for ensuring successful customer adoption of the company’s solutions.

Dave joined SecZetta in 2019 with more than 20 years of expertise in Identity and Access Management, professional services, and IT security project management. Prior to joining SecZetta, Dave held leadership positions at Optiv, RSA Security (Aveksa), and State Street.

Dave holds a degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Northeastern University and Computer Information Science from Syracuse University.

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Matthew Ramirez
Matthew Ramirez Vice President, Engineering

As Vice President of Engineering at SecZetta, Matt is responsible for designing and building the software solutions.

Matt joined SecZetta in 2014 with a decade of technical innovation experience. Prior to joining SecZetta, Matt was lead developer for Pay My Grade, Inc. and previously spent 8 years at JournalBooks.

Matt holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University Iowa.

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Tawna Pachello
Tawna Pachello Senior Director, Marketing

As Senior Director of Marketing at SecZetta, Tawna is responsible for Field and Channel Marketing events, lead generation, social media and digital marketing.

Tawna joined SecZetta in 2022 with more than 20 years’ experience in global field and events management. Prior to joining SecZetta, Tawna served as the Director of Marketing, Americas at Hyperscience and held leadership positions in Field Marketing at Zscaler and LogRhythm.

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Charisma Burghouts
Charisma Burghouts Senior Director, Product Marketing

As Senior Director of Product Marketing at SecZetta, Charisma is responsible for positioning, messaging, campaign creation, content development and promotion, and collateral creation and delivery to support sales enablement and to drive mid-funnel lead/demand generation.

Charisma joined SecZetta in 2021 with 20+ years’ marketing experience in both startups and established companies. Prior to joining SecZetta, Charisma served as Director of Global Marketing at Fornetix and held positions of increasing responsibility in the cybersecurity and satellite, defense, and aerospace groups at Access Intelligence.

Charisma holds a B.A. in Communications from Wichita State University.

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Paul Dyson
Paul Dyson Director, Operational Excellence

As Director of Operational Excellence at SecZetta, Paul is responsible for ensuring SecZetta’s organisational processes and systems deliver the best possible customer experience. 

Paul joined SecZetta in 2022 and brings over a decade of experience in identity consulting, managed services, customer support, and operations.  Before joining SecZetta Paul held several leadership positions in both start-ups and established companies helping them to successfully scale and mature business operations. 

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David Lee
David Lee Director, Product Management

As Director, Product Management at SecZetta, David is responsible for creating and executing the product roadmap for SecZetta solutions.

David joined SecZetta in 2022 with more than twenty years of technical expertise in the identity solutions world where he is known as the “Identity Jedi.” Prior to joining SecZetta, David served as Director of Strategic Alliances at Cloudentity and held leadership positions at Amazon Web Services and SailPoint.

David holds a B.S. in Computer Science from North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University.

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Board Members

  • Art Coviello Partner, Rally Ventures (former CEO & Executive Chairman, RSA Security)
  • Zackary King CEO and Founder of SHYFT Analytics
  • Jay Leek Managing Director, ClearSky

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