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From managing third-party identity risk to establishing a master identity system of record, we ensure that organizations have the data they need to make well-informed, risk-based, access decisions.

SecZetta provides third-party identity and master identity management solutions that are easy to use, and purpose built to help organizations execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for employee and non-employee populations. With SecZetta, organizations can improve the time and the cost of making well-informed access decisions while reducing risk.

We are also a proud member of The Identity Defined Security Alliance (IDSA), a group of identity and security vendors, solution providers and practitioners that acts as an independent source of education and information on identity centric security strategies.

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What Our Clients Say

SecZetta was able to give us what we needed - an out-of-the-box non-employee identity management solution that could be implemented in a short timeframe.

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Meet Our Leadership Team

Richard Bird
Richard Bird Chief Product Officer

Richard Bird is the Chief Product Officer for SecZetta. He is a cyber security veteran, a former chief information security officer and a former chief information officer. An internationally recognized data privacy and identity-centric security expert and global speaker, Richard leverages his diverse experiences as a strategic advisor, solutions provider and former global head of identity for JP Morgan Chase’s consumer businesses to challenge current notions about cybersecurity.

Richard is a frequent speaker on keynote platforms around the world, having delivered several hundred conference presentations, roundtables and webinars. He is a Forbes Tech council member, host of the HelloUser podcast and has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Business Insider, CNN, TechRepublic, Solutions Review, and the NYSE on topics ranging from data protection regulations to cybersecurity enabled consumer protection.

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Matt Domsch
Matt Domsch Chief Technology Officer

Matt has decades of engineering and Identity experience. He was previously with Sailpoint, and formerly Quest and Dell. Matt started his career with a BS from MIT in Computer Science, and an MS in Computer Science from Vanderbilt.

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Jason Hobart
Jason Hobart Chief Revenue Officer

As Chief Revenue Officer, Jason leads the company’s customer acquisition and retention strategy, demand generation and brand initiatives. Working with a wide range of organizations from startups to large enterprises, he brings nearly two decades of experience in developing and enhancing brands and driving revenue growth for private and publicly traded companies.

Prior to joining SecZetta, he had success in a variety of capacities in the enterprise software, research and high-tech markets including the successful acquisition by Microsoft of a company he co-founded.

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Michael Needel
Michael Needel Senior VP of Finance

As Senior Vice President of Finance at SecZetta, Michael is responsible for managing the company’s financial and accompanying operational activities.

Michael joined SecZetta in 2021 with more than a decade of financial operations experience with enterprise software and services companies. Prior to joining SecZetta, Michael was Vice President at ClearSky, where he invested in leading cybersecurity companies. He has also held positions at Microsoft (Corporate Development), Columbia Capital, and Barclays Capital.

Michael holds a B.A. in Mathematical Economics from Colgate University and an MBA from The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth.

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David Pignolet
David Pignolet President & CEO

With nearly two decades of experience in application, network and data security, David founded SecZetta in 2006, putting together a highly experienced team and securing strategic partnerships to address a growing need for better IT security and identity and access management in the market.

As a successful entrepreneur, David has founded two IT management and security companies working with medium and large enterprises in healthcare, finance and retail. He is a former member of the Air Force National Guard, where he specialized in combat communications focusing on encrypted secure communications.

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Matt Ramirez
Matt Ramirez VP of Product & Engineering

As Vice President of Product and Engineering at SecZetta, Matt is responsible for designing and building the software solutions.

Matt joined SecZetta in 2014 with a decade of technical innovation experience. Prior to joining SecZetta, Matt was lead developer for Pay My Grade, Inc. and previously spent 8 years at JournalBooks.

Matt holds a B.A. in Graphic Design from the University Iowa.

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Jeremy Rohrs
Jeremy Rohrs Senior VP of Sales & Business Development

As Senior Vice President of Global Channels and Alliances, Jeremy is responsible for driving the rapid acceleration of SecZetta’s global alliances and partner sales organization.

Jeremy joined SecZetta in 2019 and brings nearly 15 years of experience in physical security, consulting, and cybersecurity. Prior to joining SecZetta, Jeremy held security leadership positions at Optiv, KPMG, and Dell EMC.

Jeremy holds a B.A in Criminal Justice/Pre-law from Ohio Northern University and is a former Special Agent with the United States Secret Service.

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Nicole Rowe
Nicole Rowe Chief Marketing Officer

As Senior Vice President of Marketing of SecZetta, Nicole is responsible for designing and executing the company’s marketing strategy.

Nicole joined SecZetta in 2019 with more than twenty years of marketing innovation experience for established and start-up brands. Prior to joining SecZetta, Nicole most recently ran global marketing at Entegris and previously held marketing leadership positions at RSA Security, Everbridge, and PTC.

Nicole holds a B.A. in Political Science from Suffolk University.

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David Thomson
David Thomson Senior Vice President of Customer Engagement and Delivery

As Vice President of Customer Engagement and Delivery at SecZetta, Dave is responsible for ensuring successful customer adoption of the company’s solutions.

Dave joined SecZetta in 2019 with more than 20 combined years of expertise in Identity and Access Management, professional services, and IT security project management. Prior to joining SecZetta, Dave held leadership positions at Optiv, RSA Security (Aveksa), and  State Street.

Dave holds a degree in Computer Engineering Technology from Northeastern University and Computer Information Science from Syracuse University.

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Board Members

  • Art Coviello Partner, Rally Ventures (former CEO & Executive Chairman, RSA Security)
  • Zackary King CEO and Founder of SHYFT Analytics
  • Jay Leek Managing Director, ClearSky

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